Current Committee

Committee role descriptions


Johanna Hettinga

Hi! My name is Johanna and I’m one of the co-presidents this year. This will be my second year with OxHOS; last year I was treasurer and joined on the Nottingham week of the Roadshow. I absolutely loved engaging with all the students on the different sciences and seeing everyone being involved and getting their hands dirty. I joined OxHOS because I really enjoy communicating science and think it very important that society is aware of all the great research that has been done and is being done. I believe OxHOS is a wonderful way of helping the next generation get excited about science and showcasing science is for everyone and not limited to those with expensive laboratories. During the week, I'm a second year D.Phil in Synthetic Biology, working in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. My main focus is making nicer flu vaccines that don’t require those pesky needles!

Natasha Cooke


Annabel Elleray

Hi, I’m Annabel, a second year Earth Sciences student, and I’m this year’s secretary. I really enjoyed volunteering on the Nottingham week of the 2018 roadshow, and am really exciting to see what the 2019 roadshow will hold for OxHOS! There’s nothing better than seeing how excited the students get when they see our experiments and are able get involved, and how their perception of science changes after experiencing some of the fun it can entail. I am a second year Earth Sciences undergraduate, so I study how rocks can tell us what was going on in the Earth millions of years ago!


Susuan Leung

Hi! I'm a DPhil student in Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences with a passion for all things which involve spreading my enthusiasm for Science. During my undergraduate, I enjoyed helping out with outreach activities within the Chemistry department and look forward to extending this to some hands-on Science with OxHOS by helping to develop some inspirational Chemistry experiments!

Fundraising Officer

Alex Jackson

Hi Hey Hello! My name’s Alex and I’m a 2nd Year Chemistry Undergrad, and this year’s Fundraising Officer! I joined OxHOS last year for the Oxford week of their fantastic Roadshow. I loved seeing the excited smiles and shocked eyebrows as the children began to engage with the science on show! That’s why I’m very happy to be on the committee this year, doing my bit to keep spreading the scientific inspiration to the next generation of innovators! Particularly to those who otherwise wouldn’t be reached!

IT/Website Officer

Darren Valentine

Hi I’m Darren and I am a third year DPhil student studying Theoretical Chemistry. I've been part of OxHOS for three years now, last year I was Co-President secretary. I've had blast demonstrating our experiments in Oxford and beyond, my personal favourite is the rather messy digestive system. Through OxHOS I want to show people Chemistry isn't just Bunsen burners and colourful solutions, it can involve state of the art computer simulations and even virtual reality. In my research I am investigating at how vibrational motion of molecules can couple to electrons in carotenoids, molecules important in photosynthesis

IT/Website Officers

Isabel Wilkinson

Hi! My name is Isabel Wilkinson and I am the OxHOS Chemistry coordinator! I'm a third year student on the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences CDT, carrying out my DPhil research in medicinal chemistry in the Russell group, CRL. I've been part of OxHOS for three years now, and volunteered with the sister organisation CHaOS before that!

Publicity Officer

Munim Syed

Volunteer & Child Protection Officer

Claire Coupland

Hi! I’m Claire. I’m a DPhil student studying Structural Biology, which essentially focusses on how the specific shapes of proteins influence their functions within cells and organisms. I am passionate about science communication and access, having taken part in various events and festivals at the University of York and in Germany, where I previously studied. So I am very excited to be involved with OxHOS as a Biology Corrdinator and share my enjoyment of science!

Logistics & Safety Officer

Lara Scofano

Biology Coordinators

Emma Dale

G’Day I am Emma! I am a first year DPhil candidate studying the European badger, and specifically the microbes in their gut. My research focuses on understanding the role that microbes play on the day-to-day life of wild species and their overall fitness as an individual (how many offspring they have, general body condition and immunity). I am from Australia and used to be a park ranger, where I got to show off Tasmanias’ amazing flora and fauna. I love educating people on the wonders of science, and am often found in Wytham woods snooping around a badger sett.e

Chemistry Coordinators

Anna Vicini

Ciao! I’m Anna, from Italy and I’m one of the two Chemistry Coordinators for OxHOS 2018. I’m a second year DPhil student in the Gouverneur group (Organic Chemistry) where I’m working to develop a new enantioselective organocatalytic fluorination. Does it sound difficult or boring? Believe me, is not! And I’ll be happy to show you how Chemistry (and more in general Science) can be fascinating and accessible to everyone. This is why I decided to get involved in outreach activities and I joined OxHOS this year.

Gabriela Opera

Hello! I’m Gabriela, a first year undergraduate chemist and I am the Chemistry coordinator of this year’s roadshow. I used to be a pretty ignorant child just a few years ago and I like to think that this has changed (so please don’t ruin my illusion). I also think that my ignorance was caused by the lack of correlation between what I was learning and the real world so I’m aiming to make it easier for other children. The fact that this involves doing the only thing that I’m not entirely bad at (which is Chemistry, not being a coordinator) is just making OxHOS be the have-it-all combination of my passion and my wish to change something. And if you think I am excited about this, you should see my little brother who’s happy he’s not going to be the only 13-year-old that I’m terrorizing with science facts and experiment videos anymore.

Physics Coordinator

Tom Hird

Hi! I’m Tom, a first year Physics PhD student researching quantum technologies. Day to day this means I’m in a lab looking at how photons and lasers can be manipulated to have strange properties that can (one day) be exploited in future technology. This is my third year involved with OxHOS and I’m the current Physics Experiment Officer. I really enjoy showing people the amazing things science can do. When not doing outreach or playing with lasers I’ll probably be making music or playing rugby.

Evan Usher

Hey, my name’s Evan and I’m a 1st year undergraduate physicist, which means I haven’t specialised in any particular topic yet. I’ve always enjoyed teaching people about the weird and wonderful world of science and have taken every opportunity to do so before reaching University. As one of the Physics Subject Coordinators with OxHOS, my job is to find new and exciting physics gadgets for people to play with. This could be anything from an infrared camera to a magnetically levitating toy.

Social Secretary

Bethan Swift

General Committee


Hello! I am Miffles, currently a first year graduate entry medic at Worcester College! Awesome jazz hands! I am a general member of OxHOS, along with being a helping hand in the safety side. I bring along a wealth of experience having been in CHaOS, the Cambridge equivalent, for six years. It was sufficiently long that I had become part of the furniture, and it always surprised people that they couldn’t put me in a box from which experiments come out! I bring a unique set of skills to OxHOS, including bad puns, jazz hands, more bad puns, more jazz hands, and yet more bad puns (it really is punderful). I have been involved in OxHOS in the first ever tour (that was an exciting train journey from Cambridge where I learnt that cycling down Euston Road in London isn't great for your life expectancy). To end – what is a pirate’s favourite amino acid? AARRRGGGHHHHginine.

Alex Tsui

Serena Dai

Hi! My name is Serena and I'm a third year DPhil in Zoology. I am really interested in evolution and my focus is on sand rats, which are animals prone to diet induced type II diabetes and have weird genes that have undergone drastic changes compared to other vertebrates. This year I am the experiment officer at OxHOS. My first experience with OxHOS was the 2017 Roadshow in the Isle of Wight and Southampton, and I really enjoyed the experience. It was a great chance for me to share science with people who were interested, and I think the Roadshow not only gave me the opportunity to share fun facts about biology but also allowed me to practice explaining my research interests to the public. I hope OxHOS will continue to give both the next generation and interested adults access to the latest topics in scientific research and get them excited about advances in STEM!

Jaqui Gill

Hi! I'm Jacqui and I am a fourth year DPhil student in microbiology, studying how infectious bacteria such as MRSA evolve resistance to antibiotics. I’ve been on the OxHOS committee for the past three years, and I have really enjoyed being able to share my enthusiasm for science alongside such a fantastic bunch of young scientists! I believe that everyone should have access to science education, and there's no better way to learn how things work than by seeing them for yourself through hands-on science experiments.