For Sponsors

Excellent quality of scientific enrichment... Useful with regards to raising aspirations for future study. Year 8 Teacher, Ebbw Fawr Learning Community
Pupils benefitted from seeing how many interesting things are explained by science, and how many young people/graduates, especially girls, can be science geeks and cool! Teacher, Banbury Academy
Excellent activities delivered with enthusiasm. Really got the pupils participating well. Come back soon! Year 7 Teacher, Cwmbran High School

What is OxHOS?

Oxford Hands-On Science (OxHOS) is a student-run society in Oxford. We take our wide range of hands-on science experiments to a variety of venues in Oxfordshire and beyond, with our enthusiastic student demonstrators explaining what each experiment shows and why it's interesting.

How can you help?

We rely entirely on financial support from our sponsors to be able to provide our exciting hands-on science events. We are currently seeking new sponsors for our Roadshow, enabling us to provide interactive science activities to more young people and members of the public.

If you think you might like to support OxHOS, please get in touch with us using our Contact Us page.


OxHOS events are provided at below cost price to schools, and our public events are free (with the exception of events hosted as part of festivals or shows which charge for entry). OxHOS seek to minimise our costs through using an organising committee and demonstrators who are students operating on an entirely voluntary basis, generously giving up their time to enthuse and educate children and their parents about science. Money received from our sponsors therefore goes directly to subsidising our events for our visitors, as well as reimbursing volunteers for minimal travel expenses to our events.


We include the logos of all our sponsors on information boards at events, as well as on our colour posters and flyers. These advertisements are distributed through schools, libraries and information centres. In addition, we produce a Roadshow report following each Roadshow, which includes the logos of our sponsors and is made available on our website. You can see previous Roadshow reports here.