For Schools

The children had a fabulous day - several of them said it had been the best school trip ever! Teacher, Primary Science Day
Fantastic - enthusiastic, welcoming, encouraging to all abilities. Year 8 Teacher, Cwmbran High School
The whole experience was about as perfect as I would hope for as a Head of Science. Head of Science, Fitzharrys School

What happens when OxHOS visits?

The OxHOS team will arrive at your school with a selection of experiments and a group of volunteers. We usually require a couple of classrooms or a school hall to set up our equipment. This takes about an hour and we bring all the equipment that is required with us. All we need from you is access to electrical power and ideally a tap.

We will split the school day into sessions, where each session is a period of time that fits well into your timetable. Up to 60 pupils can attend each session. Pupils are divided into groups, usually of 4-6 students. Each group moves around the different experiments, typically spending around 10 minutes on each. We usually run 4 or 5 sessions in a day, seeing about 200-300 pupils in years 5-8, although OxHOS are very happy to discuss alternative requirements with you. (If you don't have as many pupils as this in year 5-8 in your school we might still be able to visit, but we might come for a half day or also visit another nearby school on the same day.)

How do our experiments work?

Each experiment is demonstrated by an enthusiastic university student who will help guide the students through the experiment and explain the science behind it at a level appropriate to their age. Most of the experiments are hands-on and allow the children to have a go themselves. Children are particularly encouraged to ask questions and try out their ideas too.

We can only ever bring a selection of our experiments to a school on a given day, but we will always cover a range of science subjects.

What do we require from schools?

  • We will ask for an organising member of the science department to sign a Schools Contract.
  • To set up our experiments, we need 2-3 classrooms or a school hall. We also require access to electrical power and ideally a tap.
  • We require students to be supervised at all times, just like during a normal school lesson.
  • It is helpful if your school can provide us with a school lunch for our volunteers.

What are our safety, child protection and equal opportunities policies?

OxHOS takes child protection and safety issues very seriously. All of our experiments are risk assessed in partnership with the University of Oxford safety office and checked annually. For more information, take a look at our Safety Policy and Child Protection Policy.

We are also committed to providing equal opportunities. You can find out more about this in our Equal Opportunities Policy.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or using our Contact Us page.