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-What does OxHOS do?
-When does OxHOS run events?
-What’s in it for me?
-How can I get involved?
-Summer Roadshow 2017!
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What does OxHOS do?

Oxford Hands-On Science (OxHOS) is a student-run society based in Oxford. We believe that science is fun and relevant to everyone, and we are passionate about spreading our enthusiasm for science to young people, families and the general public across the UK!

To do this, we take a range of hands-on science experiments into schools and public venues like town halls and shopping centres. Each experiment is demonstrated and explained to our guests by a student volunteer – which is where you come in. You can volunteer with us if you’re a university student in the sciences – anywhere from a 1st year undergraduate to a final year PhD student! Our experiments cover a wide range of science disciplines like biology, chemistry, maths, physics, engineering and medicine – and there is always the chance to incorporate new ideas! We are currently operating in partnership with Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHaOS), and using their experiments. Details of experiments which may be available for you to demonstrate can be found here. To help you out with demonstrating experiments, each one comes with an explanation, and if you sign up for our events, we will also offer you some training in how to be a fantastic demonstrator.

When does OxHOS run events?

We run events all year round with a list of those upcoming given here. Our main event is the summer Roadshow with takes place in the 'long vacation'. More information can be found towards the bottom of this page.

What’s in it for me?

"Share your enthusiasm for science!"
  • Developing your public engagement skills with a range of age groups and abilities
  • Training in Science communication
  • Share your enthusiasm for science!
  • You will be reimbursed for travel expenses and food, so coming on the Roadshow will not cost you anything

How can I get involved?

If you would like to sign up to our mailing list, please email:


Summer Roadshow 2017!

"OxHOS would love you to come and volunteer on the Summer 2017 Roadshow!"

If you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate science student, or scientist linked to the University of Oxford, OxHOS would love you to come and volunteer on the Summer 2017 Roadshow! We take interactive science experiments into schools and public venues, to show young people that science is fun. We’ll provide training, food, transport, and camping for the weeks outside Oxfordshire, so all it will cost you is your time! If you are interested in signing up, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch very soon!







Please select all dates that you are available to take part in the Roadshow. We will assign you dates as soon as possible based on your selections.
  • 17th June – Oxfordshire Science Festival
  • 18th June – Oxfordshire Science Festival
  • 19th June – Oxfordshire schools
  • 20th June – Oxfordshire schools
  • 21st June – Oxfordshire schools
  • 22nd June – Oxfordshire schools
  • 23rd June – Oxfordshire schools
  • 25th – 30th June inclusive – Portsmouth area schools
  • 30th June – 3rd July inclusive – Isle of Wight public events
  • 3rd – 8th July inclusive – Isle of Wight schools
  • 8th – 15th July inclusive – Southampton area public events and schools

Maxiumum number of days you want to volunteer on the Roadshow:

We would like you to register as a STEM Ambassador to take part in the Roadshow, and require Enhanced DBS checks for school visits. We will facilitate STEM Ambassador registration sessions. Are you a registered STEM Ambassador, or do you have an Enhanced DBS check?

If you would be willing to do some driving for the Roadshow, could you please select from the below:

Additional Information: