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Hi, I’m Beatrice, and I’m a 1st year PhD student in Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. In my PhD I am focusing on how antiviral drugs interact with viruses and the immune system – and alongside this, I am going to be running Oxford Hands-On Science (OxHOS)!

I am passionate about spreading my enthusiasm for science to young people, and I strongly believe in showing young people and the general public that science is exciting and relevant to everyone. Providing children in the UK with opportunities to engage with scientific ideas and try out hands-on activities is particularly important as it becomes increasingly difficult for schools to focus on science and deliver practical activities in the science classroom. We aim to supplement science teaching with exciting experiments, really trying to get young people interested in and curious about science.

During my undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, I held leadership positions in Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHaOS), a student-run society which takes hands-on experiments around the country to schools and public venues. When I moved to Oxford to start my PhD, I decided that I wanted to set up a sister society – OxHOS. Through carrying out similar public engagement activities as CHaOS, together we will be able to reach a greater number of young people and members of the public each year, as well as providing an opportunity for university students in Oxford to get involved with delivering public engagement activities, as well as organising them.


"...experience with your own eyes and ears and hands..."
Hi, I’m Corinna and the OxHOS secretary this year. I am fascinated with all the nitty-gritty details of how our body works and especially with the immune system. In my DPhil I study the way a special kind of T cells helps us fight infections. I think that science is great fun and that the best way to learn something is to try it out and experience with your own eyes and ears and hands how it works, so I love the way OxHOS allows you to do exactly that. I’d love to share some science excitement with you, so do come by at our next event and say Hi!

Schools Officer

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a first year DPhil student in Chemistry studying how nature uses hydrogen as a fuel. This should provide other scientists with inspiration for hydrogen fuel technology so we can stop using the fossil fuels we hear so much about! I have been involved in outreach and public engagement for a number of years so I am really excited about OxHOS! As the schools officer I’ll be liaising with teachers to arrange events so please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information (emily.brooke@chem.ox.ac.uk).

Safety Officer

"...passion for encouraging people to learn more about science..."
Hi my name’s Rhiannon and I’m currently a 4th year Chemist at Teddy Hall. I’ve completed over 400 hours of undergraduate labs so far and I will be spending next year in research labs in the University. I have a strong passion for encouraging people to learn more about science and I think the best way to do that is through experiments therefore I’m very excited to be the Safety Officer for OxHos this year!

Publicity Officer

Hello! I’m Katie and I’m the OxHOS publicity officer. I’m a Clinical Medicine DPhil student looking at why viruses are so good at beating our immune defences. I’m a big believer that science is the most creative and fascinating subject if you give it a chance and get involved. So come along to an OxHOS event and we can show you all the crazy ways science can inspire and excite you! Hope to see you soon…


"...it's a fantastic engagement opportunity for students..."
Hi, I’m Christina and I’ll be the OxHOS treasurer for this year. I’m currently reading for a DPhil in Surgical Sciences (cancer research really, but apparently that’s not a degree title), looking at potential biomarkers for patients suffering from bone metastatic prostate cancer. I’m heavily involved in outreach programmes in my department and joined OxHOS because I really enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for science with others. I highly recommend getting involved; it’s a fantastic engagement opportunity for students and a fun and educational experience for both children and adults. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at: christina.turner@seh.ox.ac.uk


Hello there. I’m Megan, the OxHOS Webmaster. I’m an Infectious Diseases DPhil student and all round lover of science! Science is fasciating, a little messy but lot of fun and everyone can get involved. You don’t need a multi-million pound Hadron-collider or an electron microscope to see/do and learn some pretty amazing stuff. Which is why I joined OxHOS – to bring the science and the fun to schools and hopefully inspire a new generation of scientists!

Volunteers Officer

"...all members of society should have access to science education."
Hi! I’m Jacqui and I’m the OxHOS Volunteers Officer. I make sure that all of our volunteers are properly trained and DBS checked. I’m a first year DPhil student in Biosciences, interested in bacteria and how they evolve resistance to antibiotics. I believe that all members of society should have access to science education, and there’s no better way to learn how things work than by seeing it for yourself through hands-on science experiments!

Experiments Officer

Hi, I’m Matilde, and I am the OxHOS Experiments Officer. I am in the second year of a PhD in Cardiovascular Science sponsored by the British Heart Foundation, trying to understand how heart disease develops at very early stages. I love science and I think it can be great fun for children and adults of all ages! I am very excited about OxHOS and am looking forward to our future events.

Subject Coordinators


"With our enthusiasm and treasure trove of experiments we want to show that science is fun and relevant..."
"...passion for all things which involve spreading my enthusiasm for Science."
"... why science research is an interesting and worthwhile thing to invest in."

Hi, I’m Lottie, I’m one of the biology co-ordinators at OxHOS and I’m also a STEM ambassador! I’m a 2nd year DPhil student funded by Kidney research UK and my work focuses on inherited kidney disorders: what causes them and how? I have been lucky enough to be involved in public engagement projects previously and am very excited to now be a part of OxHOS! Science is something I have always been fascinated by and passionate about, but unfortunately it’s a subject that can sometimes come across as boring and difficult to relate to. With our enthusiasm and treasure trove of experiments we want to show that science is fun and relevant and hopefully inspire the next generation of scientists!


Hi! I’m Ainslie and I am a new biology experiments officer. I am currently in the first year of my DPhil in Clinical Neuroscience. My lab investigates brain plasticity; how our brains rewire, adapt and change. I am particularly interested in how we can use non-invasive brain stimulation to speed up and improve this plasticity. My lab are hoping to use some of these stimulation techniques to develop a therapy for people who have had a stroke, to help them to regain function in a paralysed limb.

I love getting children and young people excited about science and have previously volunteered at CHaOS, our sister project in Cambridge. I am really looking forward to developing new and fun biology experiments here at OxHOS, come along and give them a go!


Hi! I’m Susan and one of the Chemistry subject coordinators. I’m a first year DPhil in Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences with a passion for all things which involve spreading my enthusiasm for Science. During my undergraduate, I enjoyed helping out with outreach activities within the Chemistry department and look forward to extending this to some hands-on Science with OxHOS by helping to develop some inspirational Chemistry experiments!


Hello Readers! I’m Shannon, the Medical Experiments Coordinator. As a 2nd year Student of Biomedicine, I’m passionate for everything infection and immunity! From viral epidemics to the modern day allergy paradox that is turning our immune system against us! I already enjoy relaying my love of medicine to children in tutoring which I continue with GCSE students online. Now, I look forward to developing exciting and engaging OxHOS experiments to encourage and inspire the scientists of the future!

Physics, Maths and Engineering

"...it's important we communicate to the public why science research is an interesting and worthwhile thing to invest in."

I’m a first year DPhil student in Condensed Matter Physics and I also did my MPhys at Oxford. My research looks at how electrons arrange themselves in novel materials and the resulting electronic and magnetic properties. I typically do this using neutron diffraction, in which neutrons are fired at a sample and the resulting scattering tells us about its structure. I’m keen to get involved in hands-on science demonstrations as they are an effective way to engage children and get them questioning the way the Universe works. Even if they don’t go into a STEM field, it’s important we communicate to the public why science research is an interesting and worthwhile thing to invest in.


Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a first year DPhil student in quantum physics trying to create a quantum memory for single photons. I love science and think it’s really important to get everyone excited about it. I’m particularly keen to inspire enthusiasm in young people by helping them learn how fun science can be!

Building Officer

Hi, I’m Martin, a second year Medical Sciences DPhil student and the Oxhos building officer. This means I spend a lot of my time thinking about how to make red blood cells and some of my time thinking about how to make fun experiments to show you guys. Oxhos are a friendly bunch of students who would just love a chance to show you how much fun science can be. I’ll hopefully see you at one of our events soon!

Social Secretary

"I think science is great and hope we can convince you it is too!"

Hi, I’m Susie and I am one of the Oxhos social secs for this year. I’m just starting my PhD in atmospheric physics. I’ll be studying some of the processes that cause our weather to be the way it is (i.e. finding out why is it always raining in Oxford). I think science is great and hope we can convince you it is too! It’s also something that anyone can have a go at so why not come along and discover something new!


Hi! My name is Isabel Wilkinson and I am one of the OxHOS Social Secs! I’m a first year student on the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences CDT. I studied Natural Sciences as an undergraduate, specialising in Chemistry and now I’m broadening my skillset with programming and biology courses. My role is to help organise fun OxHOS activities for all our volunteers, and plan for Varsity style events with CHaOS in Cambridge.

OxHOS General Committee

"... to show you that science is something everyone can do."

Hi guys, I’m Jack, and I love science! Most of all I love microbes, the tiny organisms that live all around and inside us. I like them so much I’m studying for my PhD in microbiology, working on some infectious bacteria known as MRSA. I got involved with OxHOS because I want to share my fascination for science with you guys, and to show you that science is something everyone can do. Did you know for example that Charles Darwin did a lot of his most important experiments in his own home? I’m looking forward to meeting you at one of our events, and to showing you just how much fun science can be!


Chico is a Brazilian PhD student at Oxford University who is passionate about learning new things and loves telling stories. It is hard to say what area of science he likes the most since he's always been multidisciplinary (or maybe antidisciplinary?), but he is fascinated by evolution: how genes and living things change, how culture, language, and why not, society changes. Chico is always up for the challenge of finding exciting ways of blending science and art to impress and inspire others, and loves being able to do that through OxHOS!


Hi, I'm Josie and I'm a first year biochemist at Brasenose College. I've always felt that communicating science to the public is hugely important, and cultivating enthusiasm in children is particularly exciting and rewarding! I always enjoyed interactive science days and clubs throughout my time at school, both participating when younger and helping out when older so I'm excited to be able to continue to contribute through OxHOS!