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Hi, I’m Beatrice, and I’m a 2nd year PhD student in Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. In my PhD I am focusing on how antiviral drugs interact with viruses and the immune system – and alongside this, I help to run Oxford Hands-On Science (OxHOS)!

I am passionate about spreading my enthusiasm for science to young people, and I strongly believe in showing young people and the general public that science is exciting and relevant to everyone. Providing children in the UK with opportunities to engage with scientific ideas and try out hands-on activities is particularly important as it becomes increasingly difficult for schools to focus on science and deliver practical activities in the science classroom. We aim to supplement science teaching with exciting experiments, really trying to get young people interested in and curious about science.

During my undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, I held leadership positions in Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHaOS), a student-run society which takes hands-on experiments around the country to schools and public venues. When I moved to Oxford to start my PhD, I decided that I wanted to set up a sister society – OxHOS. Through carrying out similar public engagement activities as CHaOS, together we will be able to reach a greater number of young people and members of the public each year, as well as providing an opportunity for university students in Oxford to get involved with delivering public engagement activities, as well as organising them.

Tonia ...


Hi! I’m Jacqui and I’m the Secretary of OxHOS.
"...everyone should have access to science education..."
I'm a DPhil student studying how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics. I believe that everyone should have access to science education, and there’s no better way to learn how things work than by seeing it for yourself through hands-on science experiments!

Schools Officer

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a first year DPhil student in Chemistry studying how nature uses hydrogen as a fuel. This should provide other scientists with inspiration for hydrogen fuel technology so we can stop using the fossil fuels we hear so much about! I have been involved in outreach and public engagement for a number of years so I am really excited about OxHOS! As the schools officer I’ll be liaising with teachers to arrange events so please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information (emily.brooke@chem.ox.ac.uk).

Safety Officer

"Doing exciting experiments is definitely the most fun way to learn science..."
Hi, I'm Qinrui and a PhD student in Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences. I'm fascinated with how our bodies transport nutrients and ions in and out of the cell through different nanopores on the cell. I'm deeply intrigued by how biology works its wonder and very passionate about bringing together different aspects of science to explore biological problems. I would like to share my love for science with people. Doing exciting experiments is definitely the most fun way to learn science, so come along to OxHOS events and enjoy the endless wonder that science can offer.

Publicity Officer

Hi! My name is Isabel Wilkinson and I am the OxHOS publicity officer! I’m a second year student on the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences CDT, carrying out my DPhil research in medicinal chemistry in the Russell group, CRL. I've been part of OxHOS for two years now, and volunteered with the sister organisation CHaOS before that.

Fundraising Officer

"...very important to encourage children to remain curious..."
Hello, I'm Nicole! I'm a Master student in Neuroscience and I joined the OxHOS team this year as fundraising officer. During my studies I focus on how the human brain works, but I have a strong interest for all areas of science. When I was a kid myself, I would have loved to take part in an OxHOS event and to learn things about the world by playing around with funny experiments. I think it's very important to encourage children to remain curious about science and to inspire them to follow their interests. The OxHOS events will also help us to overcome stereotypes about researchers and to show that science is a lot of fun. Real scientists can never stop asking questions and in this regard they are not so different from kids!




"...allowing them to explore new ideas, ask questions and gain knowledge..."
Hi, I am Joseph, a third year physics undergrad and am acting as webmaster for this year. As a kid I was always interested in how the world works, how things are made and why things are as they are. This is an interest I want to share with others allowing them to explore new ideas, ask questions and gain knowledge - hence why I joined OxHOS.

Volunteers & Child Protection Officer

Hi, I'm Mallika and I'm the Volunteers and Child Protection Officer for OxHOS! I'm a 4th year Chemist working in the CRL, attempting to produce new antibiotics. I love doing science (obviously!) and I enjoy working with students of all ages, which is what prompted my involvement in several outreach programmes over the years, including OxHOS. I hope that the work we do will be an invaluable experience for everyone involved, and that we get kids thinking about science!

Logistics Officer

"It is amazing just how much young children can be inspired..."
Hi, I'm Tim and I'm the OxHOS logistics officer! I am a second year DPhil student in materials science researching superconducting joints for MRI scanners. I've been involved with several outreach projects with my department and love being involved with OxHOS. It is amazing just how much young children can be inspired by going beyond what they see in the classroom and by having hands on experiments to learn from!

Experiments Officer

Hi, I’m Rabeah Adawiyah, a 2nd year DPhil student in Medical Sciences playing with stem cells for tissue healing. I have always enjoyed participating in science exhibitions at school or outside. I’m one of the experiment officers where I’m working with my team to develop fun and interactive experiments as a bridge between science and children. By engaging with the school and public, we hope to inspire and nurture brilliant minds through OxHOS events.

Subject Coordinators


"... we want to show that science is fun and relevant..."
"...communicate to the public why science research is an interesting and worthwhile thing to invest in."
Hi, I’m Lottie, I’m one of the biology co-ordinators at OxHOS and I’m also a STEM ambassador! I’m a 2nd year DPhil student funded by Kidney research UK and my work focuses on inherited kidney disorders: what causes them and how? I have been lucky enough to be involved in public engagement projects previously and am very excited to now be a part of OxHOS! Science is something I have always been fascinated by and passionate about, but unfortunately it’s a subject that can sometimes come across as boring and difficult to relate to. With our enthusiasm and treasure trove of experiments we want to show that science is fun and relevant and hopefully inspire the next generation of scientists!


Hi! I’m Susan and one of the Chemistry subject coordinators. I’m a first year DPhil in Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences with a passion for all things which involve spreading my enthusiasm for Science. During my undergraduate, I enjoyed helping out with outreach activities within the Chemistry department and look forward to extending this to some hands-on Science with OxHOS by helping to develop some inspirational Chemistry experiments!


I’m a second year DPhil student in Condensed Matter Physics and my research involves looking for exotic states of matter by firing neutrons at magnetic materials. This is my second year as Physics Coordinator and I've enjoyed conceiving and building new experiments to get kids excited about science. It's especially rewarding to travel to deprived parts of the country where the kids wouldn't normally have the opportunity to engage with science in such a fun and interactive way.

Social Secretary

Hi I’m Darren, I am a first year DPhil student studying Theoretical Chemistry. In my research I am investigating at how vibrational motion of molecules can couple to electrons. In certain types of organic polymers, this coupling can give rise to Singlet Fission, an electronic process that could improve efficiency of solar cells. Through OxHOS I want to show people that Chemistry isn’t just lab coats and solutions, it can involve state of the art computer simulations and even virtual reality. I previously studied Natural Sciences at University of Cambridge. As Social Secretary I organise meals and pub trips for when we aren’t out promoting Science, I am also interested in Educational Apps for Chemistry.